Vision:  Under His Wings home for children provides permanent refuge for fatherless and orphaned children and temporary care for children with special needs.

Psalm 27:10
Although my father and my mother have forsaken me, yet the Lord will take me up [adopt me as His child].

Mission: To enrich the lives of children and develop character through learning and living by creating a stable and loving home environment and by having the community in which they live participate in their general development.

Under His Wings was designed to look at the lives of each individual child and prayerfully consider their needs and strengths within the family unit and provide for them in a way to promote healthy growth into mature, productive adults. 

UHW was also created to help other foster/adoptive families and single parent families to become better equipped to care for their children.  

Further Vision & Goals

Goals:  Our home is a mission outreach for children to live and learn and play without hindrance or fear. 

In our Forever Family Home we would like to provide permanency for more children, take temporary placements and provide respite care for other foster/adoptive/single parent families.  This will help these families have a safe place for their children while they work, need a break, or are in transitioning period.  And, be a safe family home environment for children who would otherwise enter into the foster care system.

We have a community center in our dream goals with a complete library filled with a variety of resources and tools for families who have children with special needs. 

Additionally, we will have a suite for traveling families who are coming through our area and need a place to stay while receiving their newest additions to their families through adoption. 


Another goal is to raise up, provide for, and shepherd over other homes for orphaned and fatherless children in our community and in other nations.  These will be homes where the children will have permanency-a forever family; free from fear or hindrance to their growth. Placing widows and single mothers in homes to care for their children and other orphans and having the community in which they live become the father to the fatherless.

We are praying, asking, and believing the Lord to send those who can see the vision and prayerfully consider how they might partner with us in bringing this vision to its fullest potential.

We will be a place where families can get together and encourage one another, and learn to live in community with each other so no one is lacking.  We will be a place where other families can come for prayer and spiritual needs to be met.  We will provide a place for foster parenting meetings to be held as well as special events surrounding our ministry and other community organizations who have the same purposes in mind.

Family Care Home Highlights

Every child at UHW receives love & support, family life, life skills,education, mentoring,
spiritual training, and participates in weekly church and community activities.

We believe that every child deserves a stable, and loving home environment in which they can live, grow
, and learn.

                                                                             November 2014 Newsletter

Thanksgiving week is a special time set apart to specifically reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  This year we have been incredibly blessed to see many prayers answered. We've made new friends, moved into a new home, and have had new opportunities.  We are so very grateful for those who have become family to our ministry. Through your prayers, encouragement, and support we are seeing the Lord grow Under HIS Wings into a place of covering, safety and refuge for all those who come to us. Many of your have blessed in so many ways, and for all of it we are truly thankful. Transitions can be scary, but with your support it has been a time of joy. Thank you!  Read More..

"Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name;  make known among the nations what he has done.  Sing to him, sing praise to him;  tell of all his wonderful acts."  I Chronicles 16:8-9

August 2014 Newsletter

We hope your summer has been a fantastic one, full of adventure and family memories to last forever.  Personally, our family has had a roller coaster of a summer. In case you are not yet aware we spent the summer packing, looking for a new home, praying, trusting God, receiving help, and eventually moving.  The Father is great at performing miracles right on time.  Click here to read more.

   June 2014 Newsletter

I've worked with a multitude of foster parents during my years of service to Georgia's foster care system. One of the most highly respected and highly favored is Cindy Millsap. Ms. Millsap viewed her life and service as a foster and adoptive parent to be a calling from God, and I agree. Very few foster parents dedicated so much of their love and time to the needs of children in their home as Ms. Millsap.

Cindy has dedicated her life, her home and her professional resources to providing a safe haven for children in need and children without families. Cindy relies on her faith in God and His promises to provide for those who trust in Him as her guidance and support. Her faith has helped provide love and stability for so many orphaned children, several of whom she has adopted and had the opportunity to welcome into her family permanently.

My hope and prayer is that Cindy will be able to continue providing her home and love for some of the state's most vulnerable children. Alicia Lairsey Social Services Supervisor Click here to Read Full Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter

School is out and summer is on its way!  We hope your summer plans include having fun in the sun, lots of laughter, and plenty of playtime. Most of all, we hope it includes love.  As you move about your summer events, Take time to remember, bless, serve and encourage those around you who may be going through difficult times.  Summer can be even harder on some families due to extra financial strain with children in need of care. Please read through our newsletter for ideas on how you might be a blessing or find inspiration.  Read More Here

Much love from our Under His Wings family to yours!

April 2014 Newsletter

As the warmer weather arrives and we start on our breaks for spring, it is inevitable that we might have some unscheduled, unplanned, and maybe even uninvited events happening.  Especially, if we have children at home! Schedules change.  Days are longer.  More meals and activities to plan.  Don't allow the extra time to be burdensome.  There is no need to be overwhelmed or to grow weary.  Seek the Lord early and roll your works over on to Him so your plans will succeed.  You will be thankful you did, and so will your children.
Click Here to Read More

February 2014 Newsletter

Time for Miracles!

Every person I know is believing the Lord for an answered prayer, a healing, a financial breakthrough, food on the table, a loved one's salvation, a friend, a miracle of some sort.  Sometimes its a much larger miracle needed, but even so, God can, and wants to, make a way.  Often times the miracles are very doable and can be found right within the community of people in which we fellowship.  Read More...Click here

January 2014 Newsletter

The new year has begun and it seems that many are uncertain of what the future holds.  However, even in uncertain times we can know that our hope and future is in the hands of a loving God who sees and knows and understands.  He shall cover you with His pinions and under His wings you shall trust and find refuge.

That being said we are to live each day to the fullest trusting in the Father to be right in it with us.  2013 has ended our tenth year as a non profit and honestly this year with all its uncertainties, we considered whether we would continue on.  It has been a year of prayer, reflection, and of seeking understanding from the Lord what He would have for UHW as an organization and for us as a family.  Here is what we know;
1. Every day brings its challenges & trials, and yet with every day comes truth, blessing, and victories.  Click here to read more.

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  • "May 19, 2014 I would like to say how grateful we are to have Cindy Millsap as a provider for our children. Her experience and expertise in Respite is such an asset for u..."
    Eva Saul
    Respite Care - Grateful Mom
  • "Haiti Trip 2 This trip was so exciting! The kids from the Odascat Orphanage started school, we built bunk-beds, planted squash and zucchini and looked at two more orphanages i..."
    Hannah Millsap
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